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Криминальное чтиво

Great movie, with a weird story line

A fine specimen of great film work.

5 out of 5

Weird, but good.

Quentin is a master and Pulp Fiction his master creation. must watch movie for hose who enjoy good story, some unusual editing and great music.

the best

One of my favorites Tarantino's.

What a movie!! Whoa! Another all time favourite.

An absolute gem - never has violence and comedy been blended so perfectly. Certain to be the highlight of Tarantino's career, he hasn't done better and I doubt he ever will.

Great stuff here. Tarantino really does live in a world all his own, and I approve. His mind is full of more movies than I have ever seen, more movies than my friends have ever seen, more movies than exist. Truly. And using this base, he creates interesting and fun movies based on this magic universe in his head.

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